About Us

In our DNA flows creative blood

BarbarinoDesign is a brand born from the idea of Cristian Barbarino to want to represent with its surname the more than two decades of experience in the national and international world of communication in the field of graphic design and communication.


The team consists of enterprising young people, professionals, skilled travelers in the world of communication for more than two decades. We have established important partnerships with clients in every industry. If you do not know us yet, know that we are ready to listen to your ideas and bring your online or offline project to life. In fact, we work with private clients who want to start their own business project, all the way to proven professionals and structured companies.


A mix of talent, experience and expertise at your service!









Cristian Barbarino
Founder & Creative Director
Trumpeter, Graphic Designer and Coach -- he is the business mind. In 2011 he created the graficoach, a project combining graphic design and coaching. In 2015 he founded his first graphic design agency in Singapore, mowgli. In the following years it was a succession of travels and life experiences in Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan.

Alessio Barbarino
Founder & Brand Manager
Trombonist, Graphic Designer ... is the arm of the business. In 2017 he created the project Flight Window, where through a website and an app he managed to get all world travelers to collect photographs taken from an airplane window. Subsequently, his passion for travel also became indefatigable, especially to the United States of America.

Claudia Moreschi
Social Media Manager
A traveler in DNA, travel writer, social media manager, copywriter, and blogger, she has been working as a freelancer since 2016, after nearly a decade of experience in the world of communications. Her life is marked by a "before" and an "after": a five-month, solo, overland journey through Southeast Asia (her place of the heart) serves as a watershed.

Chiara Mezzini
Content Writer
Freelance, after several jobs in the clothing industry, she landed in the world of events since 2014 as a hostess and since 2018 as PR and Event Organizer. Passionate about basketball, after an experience in the Big Apple, she started her project Il basket secondo Mez, a blog dedicated to basketball culture between Italy and the United States. Writing is one of her skills, today she produces blog articles with an SEO perspective for companies.

Paul Franco
Business Strategist
With more than 30 years of experience in the business sector, he now helps entrepreneurs and companies develop their Business model. A super expert in goal management, he puts all his skills and enthusiasm into what he does every day to help create a world fit for people and their needs.

Ilaria Napoli
Dancer, Traveler and Teacher. Ilaria has deepened her knowledge of Dance and Musical in the most important Schools in New York including Alvin Ailey Dance School, Broadway Dance Center, Merce Cunningham Studio, Steps on Broadway. He has built over the years important collaborations with people from all over the world.

Michel Dimitri
Web Developer
Michel Dimitri is a Web Development expert with a solid passion for information technology. His career, which boasts more than ten years of experience, is characterized by a broad expertise in web development and optimization. Passionate about video games, Michel has been able to turn his interest in technology into a successful profession, becoming a reference in the field of Web Development.

Mattia Bettinelli
Mattia Bettinelli is a Milan-based photographer specializing in Architecture, Interiors and Commercial Spaces.
Originally from Bergamo, Mattia studied Graphic Design and Photography in Milan. Mattia started approaching interior photography after 5 years as a professional retoucher and fashion assistant. He loves using natural light to artistically capture indoor and outdoor spaces. Every single image is meticulously crafted with expert attention to detail.