10 new digital professions in 2021

10 new digital professions in 2021

The year 2020 saw the birth of new digital professions that are becoming increasingly in demand in the labor market. The pandemic has forced companies to introduce new methods and strategies hitherto unknown. We have witnessed the rise of smart working, which has revolutionized the routine and method of work for many employees. A change that has also brought numerous economic benefits for companies. Indeed, with the reduction in costs, many companies will maintain a division of labor between office and home, as also reported by the New York Times. This digitization process is leading companies to need to rely on experts in the IT world. There are new digital professions on the rise to meet the ever-increasing demand in the world of work. If you are thinking of changing your business or want to get a new qualification, these are 10 most in-demand jobs of 2021 in digital. 

App & Web Developer

Today more than ever, companies need to have an online presence. A corporate site or app that tells the company's story, products, and mission have become essential. The app and web developer are figures who are responsible for creating a customized site or app that is usable from both mobile and the web.

Blockchain Developer

Today, government documents, bank statements or everything related to health are almost exclusively available in digital format. The blockchain developer is an innovative figure who creates systems for storing and protecting the data of companies and individuals. A secure mechanism to prevent online scams and the leakage of sensitive data.

Cloud Architect

One of the new digital professions that represents a revolution in the market is the Cloud Architect. A figure who devises ad hoc digital storage systems (so-called "clouds"). Companies can sleep soundly, having the assurance of saving documents and files in a dedicated networked space. 

Data Scientist

Analyzing, knowing, and reprocessing data, these are the tasks of the data scientist. By accessing and subsequently studying specific databases, he or she is able to interpret and provide data related to a particular topic to companies.

Digital PR

Public relations in its most traditional form has reached out to the digital world to keep up with the times. For a public relations expert, today it is important to know the print media, but at the same time bloggers, influencers, and digital platforms. 

E-Commerce Manager

Online shopping has become our bread and butter, from small stores to big brands, everyone is aiming to create their own e-commerce. In this transition phase, the figure of the e-commerce manager becomes crucial to support companies in managing online sales tools.

Growth Hacker

Don't be fooled by the name! In fact, among the new digital professions, the growth hacker is one of the most valuable figures for companies. Among his skills, in fact appear a vast knowledge of social platforms as well as studies in economics and marketing. His job is to come up with the right strategies to launch a product or grow a company.

SEO & SEM Specialist

Creating the right content to be best indexed on search engines is the main function of the SEO or SEM expert. SEO refers to a series of organic and non-paid techniques to finish at the top of the search engines. In contrast, SEM involves the use of paid tools to get better rankings.


The word Startup is now in common usage, and these cutting-edge companies have become part of our everyday lives. To be a good Startupper, it is not enough to have an innovative idea. Industry knowledge, a coherent and up-to-date business plan, and competitor analysis are the basic skills to launch a Startup.

UX/UI Designer

I conclude the article devoted to the new digital professions with a figure who mixes technological and graphic design skills. The UX/UI Designer's job is to create mobile programs and apps that are user friendly and provide the best possible user experience. 

Now is the time to get involved and learn more about digital because as Antoine De Saint-Exupery said "Technology does not keep man away from the great problems of nature, but forces him to study them more deeply."