How to give your brand a very strong identity?

How to give your brand a very strong identity?

Giving attention to one's BRAND is now a clear and well-known fact for all entrepreneurs entering today's market.
The Brand, in fact, has radically changed the relationship between consumer and product.
Depriving the product/service of its Brand would mean reducing the purchase value of the good or service itself to almost zero.
And it is precisely for this reason that today day the Brand has entered fully into the intangible resources of greater value of each company.

One of the fundamental concepts related to this field is the brand identity (brand identity) that is, what the company wants the consumer to perceive by using its products. However, the construction of corporate identity does not always correspond to the perception of the end consumer, who filters, through his own experience or other external factors, the message conveyed.
This altered consumer perception represents the brand image.

The gap that is created between these two realities (brand identity and brand image) is very often due to the lack of the construction of A strong and well-defined identity around the brand.

How to best succeed in developing this?
Focusing on all the different brand development plans:
1) LOGO CREATION OR RESTYLE company through which to convey confidence and a strong new identity that differentiates it from its competitors.
2) REALIZATION OF CORPORATE IDENTITY applying all the identity elements made (logo, brand) on any due visual identity media (letterhead, envelopes, business cards, file folders, flyers, brochures, promotional materials, gadgets, stickers, etc.

In this way, brand identity is developed uniformly and consistently across all different media and communication materials, strengthening the company's identity in the eyes of consumers.

How about you?
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