The Emotions of Colors

The Emotions of Colors

A coffee served in a blue cup will seem colder than the same drink served in an orange cup...


Colors possess conscious and unconscious associations strong enough to determine many of our everyday decisions.
Many decisions made in reference to choosing a color are emotional, instinctive, and immediate, but in order for one's brand message to get through properly and purposefully, it is necessary to turn to advertising graphics professionals who have a great deal of experience and knowledge on the subject.

Colors, in fact, have both psychological and physiological effects on our bodies by influencing their reactions and decisions. And this is precisely why choosing one color over another can result in economic growth of one's product/service and the market related to it, or it can cause sales to plummet.
It is important to know and understand how to communicate subliminally with their target markets by referring to the particular meanings that each color carries.

Once you have defined the results you want to achieve and the needs of your project, it is necessary to choose a certain color scheme based on a central, predominant hue and then refine the color choices in relation to it, with respect to the project and your individual sensibility. Color is at once simple and complex, personal and universal, and sends messages rich in endless variations that can dazzle, soothe or fascinate. And the more sophisticated and carefully analyzed the choice of color, the more the brand remains imprinted in the consumer's mind.

Nothing can create a mood more quickly than a color.
Interesting color combinations can make you stop for a moment, change your point of view, or make you see a product differently.

And what color is your business?
Is the message the chosen colors convey what you wanted, or is something not working in the right direction? ...After all, who would choose to swim in a red and orange pool on a cloudy summer day?

I personally believe that life without color would not be life.
Try to image, what would a black and white world look like?
The day (light) would not exist without the night (dark), the sea would not be blue without the whole set of light and colors, and many other things.
It would be precisely a life without "the emotions of colors."


  • Red: hot, passion, love, power, sex, food, rebellion, excitement.
  • Orange: warm, autumn, summer, retro, sunshine, dynamic, soft, fun.
  • Yellow: happiness, sunshine, summer, energy, fun, joy, youth, friendship.
  • Green: money, nature, environment, organic, soil, growth, trust.
  • Blue: generous, cold, fast, music, progress, freedom.
  • Viola: pleasure, victorian, elegant, eclectic, mystery, goodness.
  • Pink: femininity, sweetness, sensitivity, innocence, relaxation, love.
  • Black: power, restraint, security, control, elegance, confidentiality.